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Privoljskaya Lesopererabatyvayushchaya Kompaniya


Privoljskaya Lesopererabatyvayushchaya Kompaniya LLC – the leader of wood processing industry in Nizhniy Novgorod region.


The PLK uses modern, highly efficient equipment RAUTE, CREMONA, PLYTEC

The Quality Management System at PLK facilities is ISO 9001-2008 compliant (TUV).

The quality of PLK products is confirmed by CE (EN 636-2S).

PLK is committed to responsible use of forest resources.


Exterior Birch Plywood, Film Faced Plywood

Exterior Birch Plywood and Film Faced Plywood is a high-quality construction material with high durability and moisture resistance.

Due to use of a unique recipe glue (based on resin Primere 14J by Metadynea), PLK Exterior Birch Plywood and Film Faced Plywood keeps its characteristics under conditions of high humidity, retains it's shape and resists high dynamical loads.

It could be successfully used for interior and exterior applications.


Water-resistant plywood WBP possesses the following advantages:

  • Higher resistance to mechanical failure and wear
  • High durability in folding and ripping
  • High water-resistance
  • Ability to remain its operational characteristics in humidity and temperature changes
  • Ease of handling
  • Convenience in processing
  • Perfect compatibility with other building materials

Film Faced Plywood:

is made of specially prepared high-grade birch plywood(WBP) and has an additional coating to protect wood from moisture, as well as from external mechanical effects. Perfectly suitable for both concrete and decorative finishing works. As the need required it’s produced with a smooth surface or can have a hexagonal skid resistant surface coating, which has excellent tow hitch and attractive façade, it also has huge demand in different branches of production activities.

Raw materials

The lower part of the trunk of a birch - raw materials for the production of plywood. This should be a very high quality timber without knots with a diameter of from 200 to 350 mm and a length of 5-6 meters. It is sawn on "logs" of 1300mm and then the RAUTE Smart peel 4/5 is making the veneer with thickness of 1,5 mm.

Water-resistant plywood(WBP) is used in the following areas:

  • Interior and exterior trimming of premises of different purposes. Plywood WBP is a stuff of higher durability and water-resistance, and due to that is used in construction, especially in rooms with high moisture.
  • Sheathing. In construction the WBP plywood is widely used as the material for sheathing construction for pouring with concrete. In wall construction and roofing such a kind of plywood is also very popular.
  • Machinery industry, shipbuilding, aircraft building, rail craft building. Plywood WBP is indispensable for making of thermic panels and body constructions with heat-isolated materials, septa and bulkheads in shipbuilding and other fields of transport engineering.
  • Manufacturing of package and components. Exterior plywood is used for boxes, pallets, trays and other items for logistics.
  • Fabrication of big-sized outdoor billboards. WBP plywood is highly called-for in advertising field due to its resistance against atmospheric forcing.

"Hardwood trading" LLC has been specializing in wholesales of the plywood produced by PwC since 2008, and has taken during this time a reputation of a reliable supplier of large-format birch plywood WBP and bakelized plywood to the domestic and export markets.


Film Faced Plywood is used in the following areas:

  • Production of concrete forms in cast-in-place construction
  • Construction of playgrounds
  • Manufacturing of decking in scaffolding
  • Manufacturing of floors in vans of trucks
  • Manufacturing of furniture, retail and storage equipment 

and much more…

Area of application of plywood FBV:

FBV Plywood is employed in such fields of industry, which required from materials ability of utilization in very tough conditions. Bakelized plywood is used in the following spheres of manufacture:

  • Shipbuilding. Plywood FBV is applicable for bulkheads, septa, deck constructions for different purpose
  • Machinery industry. Plywood FBV is of demand in laying floors, boards.
  • Fabrication of outdoor billboards. Bakelite plywood has long-term resistance to the external environment influence, and this allows saving significantly marketing budgets.
  • Construction. In this field plywood FBV are used for sheathing, roofing, making shelves, etc.

"Hardwood trading" LLC offers bakelized plywood of the size 1220x2440mm 7, 10,12,15,18,21 mm thick. Plywood is packed in fluting cardboard. The volume of crate is 1,2 m3.

Thickness 7mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 21mm
Number of layers 9 13 15 17 19 23
Divergence, mm  ±0,8 ±0,9 +0,1; -0,9 +0,1; -0,9 +2,0; -0,9 +2,0; -0,9 


During manufacture of bakelized plywood veneer plies (internal and external next nearest) are impregnated with glue, and with high level of pressing-in it results in the parameters of the product exceeding the standards of GOST 11539-83.

Birch Bakelized plywood FBV

Bakelite plywood possesses unique physical-mechanical properties: higher moisture-resistance, capability of withstanding very high loads and durability, longevity. Operational characteristics of this kind of plywood are much higher than plywood WBP has.

Production techniques of Bakelized plywood

Material for production of FBV plywood is the same as for plywood WBP, rotary-cut veneer. The peculiarity is that veneer is impregnated beforehand by glue based on resin "Prefer 14J" produced by METADYNEA, is dried with lower temperature, and only after that panels are assembled and baked in a press. The level of pressing-in during manufacture of FBV plywood is 5 times higher than of WBP plywood. Due to adjusted production techniques, the bakelized plywood FBV is applicable for usage in conditions of marine and tropical climate and possesses considerable resistance to aggressive environment.

Characteristics of Bakelized plywood

  • Is made from birch veneer of 3 grade, glued together in mutually perpendicular direction of fibers with glue based on resin Prefer 14J for FBV;
  • Internal layers go through a joint-making line;
  • External layers go through the line of rib gluing;
  • Thickness of plywood: 7-21mm
  • Size 1220x2440mm
  • Tensile strength along outer layers' fiber direction, not less than: for thickness 7mm – 88,0 MPa; for
  • thickness 10,12,14,16 mm -73,5MPa
  • Static bending strength, not less than: across outer layers' fiber direction - 78,5 МPа, along outer layers'
  • fiber direction – 117,5 МPа
  • Shear strength on the adhesive layer after boiling for 2 hours – not less than 1,76Mpa
  • Density not more than 1,2 Kg/m3
  • Formaldehyde emission class E1


Birch rotary-cut veneer (is shelled by the equipment RAUTE SMART PEEL 4/5ft), thickness 1,5mm, size 1300*2600mm, humidity 7-10%, Grades I, II, III, IV. Veneer quality corresponds to GOST 99-96.


Arrangement of plywood delivery

Address of the mill:

Nizhegorodskaya region, Semenovskiy district, poselok Sukhobezvodnoe, Shkolnaya str., 61.

Drive way to the mill:

download in .doc

Requirements to transport:

Standard trailer 83m3;

Carrying capacity 24 tones

Tent with removable arches for SIDE loading.

To have at least 5 (five) fastening belts to fix crates.

Vehicle carriage:

16-17 crates for size 1220*2440mm and 1250*2500mm, 10-11 crates for size 1500*3000mm and 1525*3050mm

Container (40''), type HC:

size 1220*2440mm and 1250*2500mm - 32 packages in each, 1500*3000mm and 1525*3050mm 20 packages in each.

Specification of packing in attachment

download in .xls

Drive way to the mill

Calculation of the distance from the mill to your location


About the company

Privoljskaya Lesopererabatyvayushchaya Kompaniya LLC (PLK) was founded in 2005 on the basis of factory Dynamo - well-known producer of ski and hockey sticks, since December 1965. After total re-equipment in 2008, the soviet-style old factory has become a modern enterprise producing large format plywood.

The Mill uses modern, highly efficient equipment RAUTE, CREMONA and PLYTEC. The company has implemented the quality management system ISO9001-2008.

This enables to manufacture high quality plywood meeting the most rigid standards, which was confirmed by the CE (EN 636-2S). Over the years of operation the company has earned a reputation of a reliable supplier for export and domestic market. PLK is a leader of wood-processing industry in Nizhniy Novgorod region.




ULEF Executive order N-16-221

Plywood produced by PLK goes to the UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden. Is used in the following industrial sectors: furniture, manufacture of parquet and engineered flooring, automotive, molds making, construction, concrete forming systems. Plywood by PLK is used as a platform for lamination.

All sales on the domestic and foreign markets, go through the company "Hardwood Trading LLC" - exclusive trading partner of PLK

Main priorities in operation:

  • Tight quality control
  • Earnest attitude towards the terms of meeting commitment
  • Benevolent attitude to partners
  • Persistent improving of production quality and management of manufacturing process

The major priority of "Hardwood trading" LLC is working for the Partner

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